Terms of Sale

SELA  HISTORY &ART GALLERY  is responsible for the information provided regarding the items’ nature, and condition.

Payment can be made by cash, credit card or bank transfer.

Delivery service  by post or courier- the buyer is charged the full costs of shipping and handling. Prices vary according to the package, shipping method and country of destination. SELA  HISTORY &ART GALLERY   takes no responsibility for damages or loss.

Dalia’s artwork items are handmade. If an ordered item is not in stock it may take a few days to prepare a new one and delay supply.

For Israeli buyers paying in New Israeli Shekels – the prices will be calculated in New Israel NIS in accordance with the representative rate of exchange as published by Israel Bank on the day of payment.

A purchaser is obliged to fulfill his obligations to pay for the item no later than ten days from the date  of the  message of intent to purchase  the item, following by proforma invoice sent back  by SELA  HISTORY &ART GALLERY .

For the avoidance of doubt, the right to possession of the item will pass only once the purchaser has fully filled his payment obligations as set out in these conditions.

The purchaser may submit in writing regret of  purchasing the item. The item will be send back to  SELA  HISTORY &ART GALLERY  within 15 days of  the arrival . SELA  HISTORY &ART GALLERY   will refund the payment to the purchaser after arrival back of the item to SELA  HISTORY &ART GALLERY. After the payment is refunded the purchaser will have no claims and\or further demands with respect to that item.

The courts of Jerusalem, Israel, shall have the sole jurisdiction in any dispute between  SELA  HISTORY &ART GALLERY    and the purchaser or any potential purchaser, based on the details of this agreement and\or related to the sale and\or to the transfer of any item.

Postal Address O.BOX(עדיין לא פתחנו), Israel

fax: 972-9-7420381

Email: irit@selahistorartgallery.com

Email 2: dalia@selahistorartgallery.com

Website: www.selahistorartgallery.com

Direct transfers (all expenses on the buyer) at Account name:SELA PHARMA Ltd. Bank name: Bank Hapoalim Le Israel B.M. Bank Number : 12. Branch name HADAR-TAL. Branch address: 25 BEIT NETOFA St. Kfar Sava, Branch Id. IL559, Account Number 268769.Buyer carries the fees of

( 30$) local bank fees.

3/16 Hadas St., Ra’anana 4326357, ISRAEL