First Jewish stamp, Breslau 1897

This first   Jewish stamp was printed in 1897 in Breslau ( Wroclaw – Poland today) which belonged until World War II to Germany.

At the end of the nineteen century there was a local post office in Breslau,  mainly busy with sending mail inside the city. The service was called “Germany Private Mail 1873 – 1914 Breslau”.

In 1897 a special stamp was printed before the Jewish new year, which gave the 20,000 Jews living in Breslau at the time  the opportunity to use a special stamp for their New Year greeting cards. This stamp is known as “The First Jewish Stamp”.

At the upper part of the stamp was you see in Hebrew  “לשנה טובה”, meaning “For a good year”, At the center of the stamp you see “5658” , the Hebrew calendar year (תרנ”ח).

The nominal value of the stamp was 1.50 Pfennig.

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