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Anna Ticho Vintage Art Exhibition Invitation Booklet – 1968

Anna Ticho (1894-1980) was born in Brunn, Austria in 1894. In 1912 she immigrated to Israel and married Dr. Albert Abraham Ticho, a renowned ophthalmologist. When she first arrived to Israel she brought with her from Vienna memories of prominent painters such as Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka along with the old master drawings in the Albertina Library.

Ticho is known for her beautiful landscape drawings of Jerusalem and its surroundings, the Judean Hills. She loved the stone terraces, the old houses and considered it to be the oldest landscape in the world. Ticho focused on nature and the stony surface of the naked mountains without any human traces aside few secluded houses. She was among the founders of the Bezalel Art School in Jerusalem.

The Ticho’s residence in Jerusalem was bequeathed to the Israel Museum several years ago and is now used as a center for art activities and for a permanent exhibition of Anna Ticho’s work. She had exhibitions in Vienna, Paris, New York, Amsterdam, Jerusalem, and her drawings are included in famous collections all over the world.


Year: 1968

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